Our Elders Deserve Freedom

Join us to take the abolition movement to the Pennsylvania Capitol

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If you’re in PA and committed to abolition, this might be a home for you.

"Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chester—these are the epicenters of violence.

But you know what they are too? They are the epicenters of mass incarceration. You can’t separate these two issues."

— Robert Saleem Holbrook, Executive Director


Bringing people power to the capitol

Philadelphia County is the world's leading jurisdiction in sentencing people to die in prison. This isn't "life without parole" — it's a sentence of death by incarceration. Together we can work to bring thousands of our community members back home.

Parole for elders

The state should release elders on the inside who have already served lengthy sentences, so they can return home to their families

Parole for 1st & 2nd degree

The chance for freedom for those charged with first and second degree—currently a mandatory death by incarceration sentence, regardless of circumstances

Incarceration is not the solution

Pennsylvanians are now serving astronomical rates of death by incarceration, while our communities continue to suffer

0 +
are waiting to die
in prisons in Pennsylvania
$ 0
spent each year

ensuring people die behind bars

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Higher DBI Sentencing
for Black Pennsylvanians
than their white neighbors

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